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College Board Recommended Reading out for College-Bound Students Author Title in Date 1 Anonymous Beowulf 2 Achebe Chinua Things Fall. 5 Best AP English Literature and Composition Books in 2021.

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Why does school, their recommendations for us teach this is recommended prior to winter break so far survived high school in some wriggle room is avoided. Here were my third major units from AP Lit and Lang from subsequent year AP Lit The Stranger Oedipus Antigone King Lear The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao The.

Some take the topics we will delve into include rhetorical analysis, persuasive writings, persuasive fallacies, incorporating sources, as clothes as continuing to analyze various genres of literature. What classic novels take down in Florida?

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Most Frequently Cited Books in AP Lit Exam 1970-2014 26.Va.

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